How Does It Work?

Solar for All NOLA is a City led program aimed at increasing awareness and access to affordable solar and battery storage options for all residents of New Orleans. Solar for All NOLA is a partnership between the City of New Orleans, The Greater New Orleans Foundation, PosiGen, and Solar Alternatives. By partnering with local solar developers, the program offers free feasibility studies to all interested households and businesses, provides leasing and financing options, and low-cost energy efficiency upgrades for those ready to make the switch to solar.

In addition to increasing access to solar energy, Solar for All NOLA aims to provide free education and outreach opportunities that underscore the multiple benefits of going solar and is supporting the expansion of the green workforce in New Orleans. For every successful install through Solar for All NOLA, a $400 referral fee is given to the Greater New Orleans Foundation’s Green Workforce Development Fund [GN1] – a newly created reserve that aims to fill the gaps in supporting the green economy.

Solar for All NOLA’s approach is focused on creating equitable access to solar energy for all residents of New Orleans, regardless of income or background. By partnering with trusted, local companies and organizations, we hope to meet and exceed our Climate Action Plan goal of 1,400 individual installs, or 10 Megawatts (MW) of solar power by 2030, and make New Orleans homes and businesses more resilient, affordable, and sustainable for years to come.

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