Residential and Commercial rooftop solar panels are rapidly gaining popularity due to various factors:

Lower Electricity Bill by Up To 90%

Investing in solar panels is a smart financial decision, as it can lower your energy bill up to 90% and save an average of $50,000 over the system's lifetime. It generates clean and renewable energy, reduces reliance on traditional energy sources, and minimizes your carbon footprint. With financing options and no upfront costs, it's the perfect time to invest in solar energy.

25 Year Warranty for Peace of Mind

With this 25-year warranty, we stand firmly behind the craftsmanship and materials used in our solar panel systems, ensuring that they are free from any defects in workmanship or materials from the date of purchase. Our commitment to excellence, and this warranty underscores our confidence in the exceptional performance and longevity of our solar panel offerings.

Federal Tax Credit 30%

Even though Louisiana no longer offers incentives for solar panel installation, homeowners in the state can still benefit from the 30% federal tax credit provided by the US government. This credit, which is based on 30% of the gross system cost, is non-refundable. Therefore, investing in solar panels in Louisiana is still a financially sound decision.

Protect From Power Outages

Solar panels offer energy independence and backup during outages by converting sunlight into electricity during the day and storing excess energy in batteries for use at night. They ensure access to essential appliances and devices during power grid failures, making them an effective solution for power backup.