Harness the Potential of Solar Energy: Explore Our Case Studies on Solar Panel and Battery Back Up Systems

Mall of Louisiana

Solar Alternatives

Completed: 2017
Location: Baton Rouge, LA

Louisiana's largest commercial solar installation, part of a nationwide sustainability initiative, maximizes revenue with a 1200 kW rooftop design, LED lighting, and Federal ITC credits.


Institute for Marine Mammal

Solar Alternatives
Completed: 2017
Location: Gulfport, MS

The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies(IMMS)installed solar as part of an overall energy reduction effort aimed at reducing monthly operating expenditures.

Swire Energy Services

Solar Alternatives
Completed: 2023
Location: Houma, LA

Swire Energy Services achieved carbon neutrality with a 300kW Solar PV System, installed by Solar Alternatives, Inc., expected to save $1.25 million over its lifetime


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Solar Alternatives

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Is Your Electricity Bill Keep Going Up?

Solar Alternatives
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How to Offset Your Energy With Solar

Solar Alternatives
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