Guiding Climate Action in New Orleans for a Sustainable Future

Using the 2022 Climate Action Plan, Net Zero by 2050: A Priority List for Climate Action in New Orleans, as a guide, the Office of Resilience & Sustainability (ORS) works with other city departments and agencies to advise on the strategic pursuit of comprehensive resilience priorities across environmental, social, economic, and infrastructure improvement goals. Within City Hall, ORS leads the strategic combination of efforts to achieve the social, economic, and environmental benefits of resilience and sustainability for public, private, and nonprofit initiatives in New Orleans. Within the 2022 Climate Action Plan, ORS set forth a goal to install a total of 255 Megawatts (MW), or approximately 1,400 solar photovoltaic system installations across the city by the year 2030 – the equivalent of removing 398,406 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere. Read more about our climate goals across energy, the economy, transportation, waste & recycling, and nature-based solution/adaptation here.