Driving Positive Impact and Leadership in the Greater New Orleans

The Greater New Orleans Foundation is the philanthropic institution dedicated to driving positive impact through philanthropy, leadership, and action in the Greater New Orleans Region. For 100 years, we’ve connected our donors and fundholders with causes that they’re passionate about to affect transformational change.

And we do more than just philanthropy. We provide civic leadership within the Greater New Orleans region to help address the biggest challenges facing the place we love, so that we can improve the everyday lives of the people that live here—today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.

The Foundation’s Environmental Programs envision a region with equitable climate adaptation and mitigation projects that center historically marginalized communities most impacted by climate change. We wish to see vibrant and climate-resilient neighborhoods. We work to establish strong partnerships between government, business, and non-profits. We aim to ensure long-term funding from various sources is allocated with a racial equity lens and flowing towards climate adaptation and mitigation.

Through our Workforce Programs, we provide clarity and a better understanding of not just how our workforce ecosystem functions, but the best practices locally and nationally that are leading to stronger outcomes for communities and families. Our Workforce Programs aim to ensure the regional workforce ecosystem has the structural support needed to produce flourishing industries and employers and, ultimately, thriving communities.