Illuminating New Orleans with affordable solar energy
and sustainability.

The Solar for All NOLA program, managed by the City of New Orleans Office of Resilience & Sustainability (ORS), is working to cut emissions from the building sector and increase energy affordability and resilience for all residents. Many older homes in New Orleans require significant energy efficiency upgrades to meet the growing challenges our homes and businesses are now facing. By incorporating solar energy and energy efficiency improvements, residents and business owners can improve their standard of living and reduce their energy burden. Solar for All NOLA is dedicated to helping all New Orleans home and business owners explore the benefits of solar energy through free solar analyses, reviews, and recommendations to pave the way for a brighter solar future.

Recently, the City of New Orleans has also teamed up with the Greater New Orleans Foundation to create the Green Workforce Development Fund – a fund that is supported by Solar For All NOLA’s referral fees and aims to fill the needs and gaps in green workforce development across New Orleans. The Greater New Orleans Foundation will use this fund to provide annual grants to organizations in need of extra support in the workforce field, including but not limited to tuition stipends, additional training capacity, transportation needs, and more.

Solar for All NOLA allows home and business owners to learn about and take advantage of solar energy, energy-saving techniques, and available incentives. Solar for All NOLA provides a straightforward solution to eligible homeowners and business owners, with a solar lease option that includes energy efficiency upgrades or traditional financing for those who qualify and wish to install a solar energy system. By focusing on creating equitable access to solar energy and green jobs for all residents of New Orleans and partnering with trusted, local companies and organizations, we hope to meet and exceed our Climate Action Plan goal of 1,400 individual installs, or 10 Megawatts (MW) of solar power by 2030, and make New Orleans homes, businesses, and workforce more resilient, affordable, and sustainable for years to come.