Empowering Post-Katrina New Orleans With Solar Solutions

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation, the people of New Orleans sought to rebuild. They wanted to make their homes better, more efficient, and more affordable. During this time there were 16 different programs available to help rebuild stronger, but in practice, these initiatives were only accessible to wealthy residents. Families in underserved communities—which made up quite a bit of the New Orleans population—were not able to afford these home upgrades, putting them at an even greater disadvantage compared to wealthier families.

PosiGen’s founders saw this disparity and wanted to do something about it. We knew that we could help disadvantaged persons to rebuild their homes and re-establish their lives. So we got to work.

Ultimately, we decided that we could bring solar to these communities by selling it in a fundamentally different way than anyone else: we base our sales on savings. If a customer will not save money by going solar, we won’t install the system. Why? Because our focus is on our customer, not on our wallets.

Our method quickly proved that it could work; people were excited to invest in solar because it was making their lives better. PosiGen quickly grew, and we now install thousands of solar systems per year, bringing solar (and savings) to families around the country.


Maximize Solar Savings with an Energy Efficiency Audit! Most homes have areas of inefficiency — air leaks, inefficient insulation, and other problems may cause you to waste energy on heating and cooling. PosiGen’s home energy audits identify and fix areas of inefficiency so you can save energy and money.


Explore our Solar Project Gallery to witness the impact of solar technology. From residential installations to innovative ventures, each project showcases the transformative power of solar energy. Discover innovation in action and join a community of forward-thinkers. Be inspired for a more sustainable future.


"Family and community is really big for me, and I want to make sure I have a positive impact. When you're in the service, they teach you to lead by example. With PosiGen, I'm saving money and I'm doing right by the environment. It's the smart thing to do. I'm hoping that my neighbors do the same."

- Freddie

"I was very interested in [solar] because I knew solar panels were going to help me, and this is futuristic. I'm saving money. I did not expect the additional upgrades. We were told that certain things would be done but this is--to me--beyond the call of duty and I'm very appreciative of it because I know it will add to the savings."

- Rosalind

"Before solar I was getting extremely high light bills ($400 and up). That's why I invested in PosiGen. I had a $12 bill my first month after having my solar panels. It was amazing."

- Honey

"Without the leasing program, I probably would not have gotten any solar panels. I should be able to see a direct savings on my bill...and the energy efficiency added to it is really good too. So you can cut back on your energy and you save some money."

- Crystal